A LEGO pizza machine | What’s going on here anyway

 A LEGO pizza machine |  What's going on here anyway

Last night the time had come: Line and I ate separately for the first time, although there was actually no reason to do so. We were both at home, we were hungry around the same time – so why this monkey dance?

Because of lenses. In general, I already have the reputation in the family that I’m very picky when it comes to food, which is just not right – I find it difficult to use ingredients that are far from normal. Eggplants, for example. Not only do they look stupid, but they also taste incredibly bad, so it is no wonder that they are actually used differently as emoji.

Zucchini – at least as bad, but comes around the corner a lot uglier. Likewise walnuts or mango in curry soup. These are all such culinary adventures that just don’t have to be. Instead, a few meatballs, pea and carrot vegetables and mashed potatoes – I’m the happiest and most satisfied eater you can find anywhere.

And besides, you have to understand that a lot of my disgust has to do with the food that my parents used to eat. If you only eat kale for 4 weeks, that’s enough for at least two lives and overripe zucchini for the next 6 weeks will also damage the rest of your life. We don’t even start with mushrooms.

Back to topic: So what did I eat yesterday? A ready-made meal, of course, because I also shy away from the effort of cooking when the food is gone in a few minutes. There is still no relationship between expense and income. But at least it wasn’t pizza, it was Indian butter chicken. Pizza wouldn’t have been bad either, but there is often – and I also miss the right pizza LEGO machine:

Special video to celebrate 5 years on YouTube! Join the Party, Pizza on us.
Making Pizza is an art and love, making Pizza with Lego it is fun and satisfaction.

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