An air taxi from 1949 | What’s going on here anyway

 An air taxi from 1949 |  What's going on here anyway

Yes, I also laughed a lot when Doro Bär started her job and loudly announced that we have to think bigger digitally. Less fiber optics, more air taxis and other stuff that nobody knows they’ll ever need. Or they exist.

That sounded like nonsense, because we seldom think big in Germany and are not used to fading out such great things as rules and laws at least at the beginning and, for example, simply ignoring data protection.

And then there were the first startups that deal with those same air taxis and slowly found their way into the media. It almost seemed as if the good Doro Bear wasn’t as crazy and unworldly as it seemed at the beginning. Air taxis could actually become a thing.

And then there was Corona. And lockdowns. And homeschooling. And we were all very quickly reminded that maybe we shouldn’t think about air taxis after all, if the majority cannot work from home due to a more than shitty infrastructure, ridiculously poor tariffs and insanely slow lines. If we don’t even get shit about connecting a school class of a handful of children via video telephony (which, by the way, wouldn’t be a problem if the bureaucracy factor were reduced – sometimes I sit in zoom calls with more than 100 people)

What I mean by that: Yes, air taxis can be awesome, but it’s just very stupid to think about it and go in this direction when the basis is simply not right. After all, you don’t build a jacuzzi in your house if the foundation is still missing and no one has even thought of a roof.

In addition: Air taxis are not such an innovative idea, just reheated food from many years ago. In 1949 the idea and the first prototypes had already been developed – but then, as is well known, it did not catch on:

A Flying Car (1949). Filmed in the 40s in Italy, a propellor driven automobile that flies makes its first test flight. Top land speed is 150mph and air speed is over 200mph. So the flying cars were being developed more than a quarter of century before Scaramanga made them famous in “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

But probably just because the right technology was not yet available. Just as Howard Stark has already announced it and lo and behold – at some point his son was even able to find (he) time travel.

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