How the U.S. military is trying to reinvent the wheel

How the U.S. military is trying to reinvent the wheel

Basically, it is relatively stupid to try to reinvent the wheel because … it has already been invented. And you can’t really improve a bike like this any more – it’s just round and does what it should, almost by itself, especially downhill.

And that should also be the reason why the saying “reinvent the wheel” tends to have negative connotations. It just doesn’t make sense, even if there are always people who do it – I can’t speak entirely of being free, and neither can my team at work. The temptation is then just too great that you believe you can do it better than everyone else before, not infrequently only to run into the same traps.

This is exactly what you could think of the US military, precisely because the military itself does not really stand for smart solutions. If something is not as it should, it will be shot at, occupied or at least threatened – there do not seem to be very many other solutions (cliché-speaking – who knows which secret reaction forces are actually on the move and secretly looking at the world every day Save new ones).

And that who are now reinventing the wheel … that seems at least as stupid as it is typical. In fact, there’s a little more to it than that, and the US military isn’t doing it alone. The Carnergie Mellon University and DARPA are doing much more and are of course trying to improve the off-road capabilities of the vehicles.

It is much more surprising that there is actually still a bit of improvement on the bike, because “just round” is not always the best option – but I also don’t know whether you can still talk about a bike when ” the wheel “is no longer round.

Anyway – it is more exciting than expected:

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on a wheel-to-track mechanism that renders combat vehicles capable of conquering any terrain with ease. The wheel is turning into a track while the vehicle is still moving.

This research is part of DARPA’s GXV-T program to increase the mobility and safety of military vehicles.

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