How to make a round cube

How to make a round cube

It’s always amazing that the internet makes you think you’ve seen everything and then somewhere there is a picture and a video that teaches you better.

Take cubes, for example. As a rule, the 6 pages have the same length and are basically known worldwide. Nobody would shake the concept of a cube because it more or less works.

Sure, there are also special shapes for some strange games, which are especially strange because I haven’t understood them yet – but also because they add additional sides to the cube. The principle remains the same, however: You throw the dice, it “rolls” more or less around and then remains on one side. Ultimately, this is as certain as the fact that rain always falls down. Law of nature, as it were, thanks to gravity and friction.

Nothing changes in that, there are even marked dice that intervene a little in this process and manipulate it – but mostly only in the direction that the colleague by chance is tricked a little when it comes to which side the die lands at the end. Here, too, the principle remains pretty much the same, because just learned and natural law – thanks to gravity and friction.

And then you read something about a round cube.

That doesn’t make much sense at first, because it has to be a ball and it hardly stays in one place, especially once it’s in motion. Nevertheless, W&M Levsha built one and it not only works amazingly well, it could actually turn the dice game as we know it on its head again. At least you don’t have to throw anything senselessly around:

Today I will make some unusual dice. They will not be square but round and we will make them completely out of metal, with a wooden stand.

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