Milky, the wonderful milking cow | What’s going on here anyway

 Milky, the wonderful milking cow |  What's going on here anyway

Not infrequently I claim that not everything, but much was better earlier – of course in the knowledge that this is absolute nonsense and above all because the human brain is a master at turning negative thoughts and memories into nirvana at a certain point to say goodbye (unless the impressions were so bad that they practically burned themselves in – by the way, the reason why I still hate mushrooms and kale and will always hate them).

Advertising, for example, used to be much better because it was more entertaining and, in some cases, significantly more absurd. Music was definitely better, especially in the 80s, as was movies because there were really original ideas and action movies set new standards. And technology was somehow better because the progress was simply not that great and we could still experience real innovation or at least had the chance to do so.

And toys were somehow better, too, in part for the same reasons as the tech point. Although I have to admit that I don’t really have a clue about toys anymore. Although I always try to stay up to date with Line when visiting my parents in the nearby shopping center by visiting the only toy shop there, at least there is the impression that the toy industry has been stagnating for years.

Maybe there is a lack of courage, maybe there is a lack of creativity – but maybe you just have to concentrate on the simple things again. A cow that you can milk would be something. But it’s not a new idea and it already existed at the end of the 70s:

Bizarre kids toy from 1977, Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow.

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