Snow tires for bicycles | What’s going on here anyway

 Snow tires for bicycles |  What's going on here anyway

This morning we already had a more or less inappropriate post about billiards (inappropriate because you can’t play it in public places at the moment, because everything is simply closed) and now we’re just going to continue with it. Although, actually it’s not that unsuitable, we still have February and therefore actually winter – it’s not my fault that the weather is simply wrong at the moment.

And that’s really more than wrong, because in mid-February there should simply not be 20 ° C at these altitudes. It just shouldn’t. Sure, I think it’s great to spend the afternoon on the balcony and when can you have a barbecue so early in the year? But these high temperatures now also mean that the high temperatures will be much higher later in the year. And I would say that none of us feel up to 40 ° C or more in summer … we already had some of them last year.

At the same time, a look at Texas is still recommended. The temperatures have “normalized” again, but the consequences will certainly continue for a while. I mean: It’s not just about temperatures that are too high, but also about temperatures that are too low – or simply too extreme altogether. And it is precisely these cases that have increased, increased, and will increase.

Actually I don’t want to argue for or against climate change, actually I wanted to talk about bicycle tires. More precisely, about the ones that significantly improve cycling in the usually usual weather in February, because normally there is now snow, the ground conditions are more than crappy – cycling is actually not possible there.

Unless you use reTyre – quasi winter tires for the bike:

New technology can be difficult to wrap your head around – so we have created a short video explaining our product, complete with close-ups and a demonstration showing just how quick and easy it is to change your bike tyre with reTyre.

I wouldn’t say that cycling is just as safe in winter as it is in summer … but if you don’t want to do without your bike, you should think seriously about using it here.

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