The 1915 Sky Car

The 1915 Sky Car

I’m now a huge fan of iterative work. In other words: start somewhere, take small steps and from there check again and again what can be improved or where or how to continue. Sounds logical, saves unnecessary correction loops and ideally also prevents you from getting completely lost for a certain period of time. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t like it when you’ve thought everything through from the start – but we all know how fast the world is turning now and once you’re not paying attention, suddenly a very good vaccine for no understandable reason (temporarily) is not more admitted.

I am also a big fan of using and using my experiences and tools multiple times. Because what has worked once can certainly work a second time and who wants to repeat mistakes that have already been made when they can also benefit from the past? Unless you are a supporter of the AfD, then history no longer plays a role, at least not in the way it actually happened.

And that is exactly what applies to the following video that shows the Sky Car from 1915. Probably a forerunner of what we know as helicopters today and you can see very well what thoughts were probably made here. On the one hand there is the rotor, where you can already see that it was understood that somehow you need the movement to direct the air flow as you have to direct it.

The movement of the overall construct itself also shows how it was copied from nature – after all, birds also flap their wings and somehow it has to be related to flying, so that’s how we build it.

You can see the success in the video and I wouldn’t want to sit on the thing, but certainly an important intermediate step:

Man sitting in early helicopter invention, ‘Sky Car’, in January 1915. Umbrella style wing makes the Sky Car bounce up and down on the ground.

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