The Christmas Tree Cannon | What’s going on here anyway

 The Christmas Tree Cannon |  What's going on here anyway

Last year the time had come – I was about to order a Christmas tree. That was never necessary before, because we are never in our own four walls for Christmas anyway, because the money would only be thrown out.

That was actually the case last year, but since it was not entirely clear whether and how we could celebrate, my fingers tingled after all. And we always like to see a bit of philistinism and tradition.

One problem, however, is: where to buy a tree so that you can be sure that it will be good for something? It should definitely be a fake one, if only for reasons of cleanliness – no one is in the mood to constantly sweep up needles from the floor, especially since we have a dog who likes to lick everything and chew on it.

Besides, that’s enough if we pay once and don’t have to burden nature anew every year. And then we simply know what we have and where we stand – ideally with consistently high quality.

Next problem: We don’t have any tree decorations to hang in there. And have a tree that then stands unadorned in the corner … it doesn’t really hurt either and in the end it just looks sadder than not having a tree at all.

The third problem is probably the heaviest: Despite the tree, we couldn’t use Harald Seipp’s tree cannon at all. So we could, but it would be even more stupid than buying a real tree every year just for this:

Last year’s Christmas trees fly around in Munzenberg with a big bang. The Christmas tree cannon was invented by Harald Seipp. The agricultural machinery manufacturer loved to do handicrafts as a child.

I find agriculture very fascinating to a certain extent. But you have to have such a little quirk to be allowed to play, right?

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