The customizable “Tile Mat” doormat

The customizable

So, there we have the salad – from tomorrow the shops will be closed again and that’s it for the rest of the year. I don’t want to say too much, I’m trying to keep all of this somewhat apolitical anyway, but it could have happened earlier – a quick look at the numbers of infections and, above all, deaths is enough. The whole thing only gets really absurd if you remember again that this wishy-washy tour was only organized “to save Christmas” – it worked out well.

But it is the way it is and now we all have to keep our feet even more still than already, although nothing changes for us at home. We’ve had lockdown here since March and apart from a few exceptions that can be counted on one hand, I can say: It wasn’t because of us.

In addition to those who are really struggling again now, it also affects those who usually get Christmas presents at the last minute and prefer to do so more offline than online. That will probably not happen this year, which means that there are two options: give nothing at all or venture into the Internet.

The customizable “Tile Mat” | Gadgets | What's going on here anyway?

And the internet is now quite ruthless. At least on the relevant pages, rummaging is difficult – at every corner you are slammed with customizable bells and whistles. Cups, pens, blankets, towels, slippers, pot holders … everything that can be printed must also be personalized – but in the most impersonal way you can imagine.

At first glance, the Tile Mat is not an exception, because you can personalize it as you want. But that’s more in the direction of pixel art with little nupsies, which then has something and which – depending on your own creativity – definitely guarantees unique items:

Tile Mat is an all-purpose mat that’s functional, beautiful, and — most importantly — customizable. Its timeless, vintage-inspired hexagon tile design and removable caps can be used to create endless patterns, designs, and words.

Kickstarter raised a total of $ 319,779 in 2019, but unfortunately the doormat is currently not available here or on Amazon – which makes the article a bit absurd, because what is presented that cannot be bought directly. But anyone who knows how difficult it is to find a cool doormat should just keep their eyes open here regularly. You can still get them after Christmas.

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