Watched a Sisyphus table in fast motion

Watched a Sisyphus table in fast motion

I only know a lot about art to a limited extent, actually none – and honestly, that’s the same for me when I relax. Just sit around and look at world history … that’s just nothing to me. Except in the kitchen, when all the helicopter parents bring their brats to school and squeeze their way through our far too small street. But that has absolutely nothing to do with relaxation, on the contrary.

Correspondingly, however, I can’t get anything out of such jokes as yoga or these Asian sand gardens. In other words, those things where you scratch any pattern in the sand with a small rake in a small sandpit. I mean … what’s that supposed to mean? Can’t people do anything more useful? Do you rake properly and remove leaves from the lawn, for example? This has at least another use … but sitting at home and playing in a sandpit that is far too small … phew …

Accordingly, it is also rather unlikely that I would buy something like a Sisyphus table. In principle, that’s exactly the same, only that you don’t rake through it yourself, but a small metal ball takes over everything for you. Technically, that might be quite exciting again, but just assume that the raking itself provides relaxation … that again completely contradicts the actual idea.

But as I said, I have no idea about art and it’s definitely just me. At least I can admit that it looks really cool in time-lapse, as the following video shows – 11 hours have been reduced to 10 minutes, only the selection of music is sometimes a very deep grip in the toilet:

My sisyphus coffee table is amazing! Here is an 11hour time lapse.

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